Trade Wars 2002 Scripts for Telemate and ZOC

This is a legacy site to support some Telemate scripts I wrote back in the mid-1990's for the DOS program telemate that helped people perform various tasks in the on-line BBS door game Tradewars. 

If you are looking to download Telemate for DOS the terminal communications program, you can get it here.  The last known version is 4.21 from 1996.    There are 4 parts. TELEMATE 4.21, Powerful comm program, 1 of 4
TM is a multi-threading communication program. Featuring ANSI/Avatar/VT52/VT102 terminal, editor, viewer, huge backscroll, clipboard and many unique functions. Built-in mouse support provides easy access to all functions. This high quality comm program gives you OS/2-like power in a DOS program. TM 4.21, Powerful comm program, 2 of 4 TM 4.21, Powerful comm program, 3 of 4 TM 4.21, Powerful comm program, 4 of 4

There has only been one official release of the tradewars scripts for Telemate, version 1.00 which you can get below and only works with the now obsolete Tradewars 2002 V2.

I've occasionally gotten a request for the source to the scripts and to see if they've been updated.  I've tinkered with them over the years to work with the newer version V3, which you can obtain below  

I haven't touched the scripts in a couple of years, and don't see the point of trying to update them further.  The reasons being:

  • Telemate is an old DOS comm program that hasn't been updated in years.  It is possibly to run the program as a Telnet application using DOSBox in Windows. A good guide on how to do this can be found here.  
  • TWAssist is an old DOS program that hasn't been updated in years and isn't totally compatible since it doesn't support more than 5000 sectors and has some issues extracting data from the new V3 door version. 

So to make a long story short,  I've decided to just simply release the source to the modified scripts that work with V3 of TW2002.  If you can figure them out, more power to you.  If you need help with them, I'll try my best to assist but don't ask me how the stealing price calculations work cause I just looked at them and I haven't got a clue of what I was thinking.  The algorithm was borrowed from another popular program called the Tradewars Free Terminal with a few tweaks here and there. I also have made available the source code for the paired port script which has been cleaned up and commented and hopefully this will answer any questions concerning how they trading calculations work. 
Also the code really was spaghettied together so they don't follow any logical structure in certain places.  The new beta scripts were modified originally to work and tested with the new (I guess it's old now) V3 door version.   I have tested them and they still work on the new version which surprised the heck out of me since the code is almost 5 years old.   I would suggest trying out the new beta Ether Probe script as I had added a whole slew of new options (marking avoids, resending probes, etc.) 

Telemate Scripts for v2 Tradewars 2002- (
A collection of scripts for use with the online BBS door game TradeWars 2002. This was the initial release from 1995.  This does not work with V3 or higher of TW2002.

Source for Paired Port Script for TM
Commented Source.  Modified to work with V3.

Beta Tradewars scripts for TM w/ source
Generally works with new V3. May require some modification. Unfortunately, not packaged together in an easy-to-install method.  You should install the scripts first and then unzip the beta scripts on-top of the old scripts.

 The one problem with the scripts is the reliance on TWAssist which as stated previously is no longer compatible with the new versions of Tradewars.  If you're looking for TWAssist you can download the last version from 1995 by clicking here.


 ZOC  Scripts

ZOC is another comm terminal application which has the added benefit of supporting telnet.  I've ported some of the simpler Telemate scripts over to ZOC

I've ported over most of the generic stuff that can be used in multiple scripts like the haggle and number parsing routines which should serve as a good basis for others to write their own scripts. I've only focused on some of the simpler scripts.  Basically these scripts are used for when you're warping around and want to make a quick trade.  Ideally you should map these scripts to  function keys so that they can quickly be run at the push of a button.  

If you have any questions on how they work, please ask though they should be pretty self-explanatory to those with even a basic understanding or programing.  You'll have to right click on them and Save As to download them.

This script will port at the port in the current sector, sell what you have and buy the most expensive item available.  Will work at the Main prompt or in Autowarp mode.  Recommended function key F4
This script will port at the port in the current sector, sell what you have and buy fuel ore.  Recommended function key F2
This script will port at the port in the current sector, sell what you have and buy organics.  Recommended function key F3
This script will port at the port in the current sector, sell what you have and buy nothing.   Recommended function key F1
Pair port trader.  Haggles for experience. 
Drops a toll fighter in the current sector.  Recommended function key F5.
Picks up all fighters from current sector up to your ship's maximum.  Recommended function key F6